136years     1875-2011

Turkey Creek First Baptist Church began as a mission from East Thonotosassa Missionary Baptist Church and the Rev. Thomas H Jaudon was the first pastor.  Services began in 1875 and were first held under a brush arbor until the first building was completed on September 23, 1876. 

John and Olive Mooney deeded the original six acres including the cemetery to the church on August

7, 1884.  The cemetery was used as early as 1869.

The first building, a log cabin was replaced in 1890 and the second building was used until August 7, 1949.

Angie Hooker and family donated the ten acres where the present buildings are located to the church on April 28, 1939.  Plans to build the present sanctuary began soon after and the building was completed for use on August 7, 1949. 

The Pastorium and first education building were completed September 7, 1958.  The sanctuary was remodeled, central air conditioning installed and the wings to the education building were all completed by July 1963.

The Fellowship Hall was dedicated February 5, 1995, and the sanctuary redecorated with new paint, refinished furnishings and new carpet in October 1999.

God continues to richly bless us in so many ways.  Our fellowship hall was financed for 15 years, as God continued to bless us we paid it off at the end of 2002.  That was 8 years ahead of schedule.  Praise God!

Since the production of our last pictorial directory in 2002 we have since bought and paid off two brand new Mini buses.  We also sold our van and old bus and bought and paid off a newer 47-passenger bus.  God continues to richly bless us and we are thankful.  God continues to add to His church here at Turkey Creek and we give Him glory for our growth.


 T.H. Jaudon 1878-1893 Irvin Walden1903-1906 F.A. Delk 1940-1942 Thomas Steele1972-1974
 R.Y. Walden1893-1895 R.T. Cadden 1906-1908 Henry Locklear1942-1948 David Fannin 1975-1979
 W.M. McDonald 1895-1897 E. Sanford 1908-1910 F.R. Rightmire 1948-1953 Kenneth Sanders 1980-1982
 T.H. Jaudon 1897-1899 W.M. McDonald 1910-1917 Oscar Smith 1953-1956 Daniel Stahl 1983-1984
 J.W. Johnson 1899-1900 Irvin Walden 1917-1927 Henry Dawkins 1957-1959 Richard Bills 1984-1988
 R.Y. Walden 1900-1902 G.W. Messer 1928-1938 Fred Richardson 1960-1962 Ira (Gene) Bohner 1989-2000
 S.C. Sloane 1902-1903 W.W. Pace 1938-1940 James Fortinberry1962-1972 David Jones 2000-Present